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Former Ukiah teacher and four others enter nuclear weapon stronghold in Washington state (Ukiah Daily Journal 12/21/09)

Disarm Now Plowshares (National Catholic Reporter 11/24/09)

Anti-Trident Action Wasn't a "Failure" (Kitsap Sun 11/12/09)

Bangor Protest Was a Failure That Should Be Harshly Punished (Kitsap Sun 11/08/09)

Senior Citizens Break Into Military Base (Liveshots, FOX News 11/05/09)

'These weapons can wipe out everything' (KOMO news 11/04/09)

Five arrested at Bangor after Plowshares anti-nuclear action (news digest, United for Peace Pierce County, 11/04/09)

Antiwar demonstrators cut fence at Bangor sub base (Kitsap Sun 11/03/09)

FOX News: "'Going to the Dark Side': Anti-war demonstrators infiltrate nuclear naval base," 11/05/09

KOMO news interview with Lynne Greenwald, Susan Crane, and Anne Montgomery, RSCJ, 11/04/09

Kitsap Sun interview with Bill Bichsel, S.J., Lynne Greenwald, and Steve Kelly, S.J., 11/03/09


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