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In Sept. 2009, Sanjeev from Pune, India writes: It is with deep sadness that I read about the arrest of reverend Carl Kabat in the new york times and his story. I could not believe it. For a moment I thought it happened in China, North Korea or Iran, though now Iran looks better (for it released political detainees who were held on much serious charges of rioting and refusal to accept election results). That a country like America which boasts of freedom and liberty is engaged in nothing less that stalinist suppression at home. It is impossible to believe that a person who is involved in harmless protests can be thus crushed by the heartless system. He is no less than Mahatma Gandhi or Nelson Mandela. We here who criticize our outdated and corrupt system and look to the USA as a model of democracy now have second thoughts. My heart goes out to Mr Kabat and hope that the government make amends to this tyrannic and immoral act.

On September 08, 2009, Alice Bach wrote: Whenever I crave order and peace in my life, I look at the jars of delight that Ardeth has created. Whenever I need to leave the world of squabbles and pettiness, I digitally wander the grounds of Jonah House. Thanks to all of you. (And we at Jonah House say thanks back)

Paul A. Morris writes from New Jersey, I investigated your web site, and was greatly impressed with its clarity in Pictures and originality in words. Excellent Portrayal of the Catholic Worker Movement and of the Jonah House Community. I will include you in my daily morning devotions at 4:30 AM! God Bless You Daily, Dominus Vobiscum!

Hakim from Bamiyan, Afghanistan writes: We are a group of Afghan youth who are peace volunteers of Our Journey to Smile in Bamiyan, Afghanistan. Thank you for your great effort and work for peace.Some Afghans understandably say that 'peace' is a 'joke'; it's not. It's what all ordinary Afghans want but dare not expect for. We thank you for daring to expect peace, even for us far away. Our recent post on our website is entitled "An Afghan message of peace to Obama, about our savage 'Afghan' instincts : and timeless advice from the wall behind him. We hope you'll be encouraged that there are some in Afghanistan who look up to Ghandi and Martin Luther King too. We are grieving in Afghanistan.

Eileen Fleming from Florida writes: Please consider adding info about Mordechai Vanunu, the Whistle Blower of Israel's WMD Program and see and listen to him in 2005, 2006 and 2008 video interviews.

On August 8, 2009, Wendy Clarissa Geiger from , Jacksonville, FL writes: All who visit this site know: if we're isolated activists, these are companions on the journey; if we're in need of hope, in need of examples of commitment to a peaceful world, Jonah House website offers a feast for our heart-minds. Simply, thank you, Jonah House participants!

On August 09, 2009 Eileen Fleming from Florida writes: Thank you Fr Kabat for your bold leadership. I am a recovered Roman and committed Christian Anarchist writer and am hoping to interview you and we are already on the same page.

On Aug. 8, 2009 Gareth d'Haillecourt from Clare MI writes...On this anniversary of one of America's most shameful acts, we reflect on the need to focus our attention to the most critical issue, disarmament. All the corporate thievery in the world makes no never mind if we are all dead. I appreciate how Jonah House, while feeding many, continuing many good works, still maintains the high priority of ending this nuclear travesty. Blessings Be to all.

July 2009 Paramesh Goswami from West Bengal, India. writes: The contents of your site is excellent. Violence is the root cause of decay of civilization. You have taken oath to combat this violence at the macro level but hidden/latent/dormant/invisible wars/violence is more difficult for removal. The violence at the State level is a natural consequence of individual and inter-personal violence. Unless violence in inter-personal relationships is not overcome the violence at the state level is bound to fourish. I shal like to be included in your mailing list and I would like to see that my comments would be reflected on your dialog. Regard Edd Gaspar Aguilar Castellanos!

July 2009 Bob Zwiebel fromWilkes-Barre PA writes: My family and I are friends with Bill Streit, we think he is doing amazing things, and we wanted to let him know we were thinking of him.


Keith John Paul Horcasitas, LCSW, MHA from Baton Rouge, LA sends this story::

Solving the World's Problems over 2 Dixie Beers at Cooter Brown's Tavern

Watering holes can provide a great backdrop for discussion and understanding between people with varying opinions and even over serious matters. Who can forget this from some bar scenes on episodes of Cheers or per encounters at the improvised and manufactured distillery of Hawkeye and Trapper John on Mash. Even President Reagan and House Speaker Tip O'Neill found that an evening cocktail helped in resolving some of their bitter partisan differences.

One memorable experience that I had with this goes back to the summer of 1983 before I got married to Maria, my college sweetheart in New Orleans. Besides working at the Loyola University Bookstore, I would answer phones and do housekeeping on weekends at Thomas Hall, where the Jesuit Priests resided. It was neat to be able to see and help some of my former professors in a different light. The University "Wolfpub" provided students some fun times to swallow down some pizza with beer and attempt to resolve debates with classmates and profs in a more relaxed atmosphere.

Fr. Youree, SJ, a wonderful Philosophy teacher who would always start his classes with a famous quote from someone like Plato that he had written on those 3" X 5" index cards, told me to be careful when I vacuumed his room. It happened that he would make himself reminder notes on index cards, which he purposely put all over the ground. I had to be sure not to dispose of these "To Do" lists when I was cleaning his room.

Fr. Ben, SJ an innovative Eastern Religion teacher, certainly practiced what he preached - keeping very simple quarters like he would use in our Zen I class that had no chairs. After sitting on the floor for classes and doing zazen meditation, we would do kinhin, a walking meditation. Sometimes we had class outside in front of the school meeting at the "Touchdown Jesus" Sacred Heart statue. We would dance Tai Chi to the tune of Pachelbel Canon in D much to the thrill of nearby passerby's on the St. Charles Avenue Streetcar.

Clarence was the Chief Chef at Thomas Hall who made some of the best New Orleans dishes for the priests. As a perk to my job there, I would get to indulge in some of his delicacies! He would tease me about some of my long held college antics and allowed me to sneak some of his unused goodies home so that Maria could taste why I was always bragging about him.

Well also that summer, Fr. Dan, SJ was in New Orleans for an Institute on Peace and Justice. He and his brother, Fr. Philip - a Josephite cleric, were renowned American peace activists called the Berrigan Brothers, whose leftist civil disobedience records included pouring their own blood onto Selective Service records and even hammering US nuclear missiles per their "Plowshares Movement."

So one day, as I was busy handling phone calls at Thomas Hall, I had to relay a message to Fr. Dan. He was very engaging and asked about routine New Orleans tourist spots to check out. When he found out that I had been in the Jesuit Volunteer Corps in 1981, he was curious as to if I had been involved in any civil disobedience activities for social justice issues. When he heard that I had participated in some peaceful pro-life activities at abortion clinics, he asked if we could discuss this further over a beer or two to find some common ground.

After work, I took Fr. Dan over to "Cooter Brown's Tavern," a local watering hole in the Uptown area by the Mississippi River where St. Charles and Carrollton Avenues merge. It was a very popular place with live music at times and good greasy food. For our oyster meal, I recommended that he try a Dixie long neck beer, a local tradition.

While Fr. Dan expounded over his views and made points that I could appreciate that tied in well with the Church's historical record of always siding with the marginalized in society, he also recognized the clarity of how that same approach applied to my own defense of the unborn. I was also spell bound when he shared with me some of those first hand civil disobedience experiences he had for his beliefs.

By the time we finished our second Dixie beer, it was clear that we both sought to live out the Gospel message - however divergent in our emphasis and approaches - particularly as it related to the Sermon on the Mount's message - the Beatitudes. While we may have not been fully converted to each others opinions, we certainly better understood our beliefs. Micah 6:8 certainly summarized what we had learned more about from the encounter: "Do justice, love mercy, walk humbly with your God."

Keith John Paul Horcasitas,--

Jan 2009, Ron from Tacoma writes: I quit my National.Guard unit as its nuts, many want to kill people in Iraq and elsewhere. I dont. When I talked to my CO he called me a coward. I walked out and forgot the unit altogether and moved.

Dec 2008, Mike Sweitzer-Beckman from Wisconsin writes: Hi Jonah House, Long time no see! Just wanted to pass on this reflection by John Dear SJ on his recent visit to Jonah House and Baltimore:

Dec. 2008 David Eberhardt writes from Baltimore, MD: I notice that our bland NPR staion in Baltimore has at the top of its site an ad reading-"Celebrate John Brown's Raid"?. I think they are trying to be a bit "touristy." I wrote them and the John Brown celebration web site to say: Are you meaning we should practice revolutionary violence? John Brown was not aware of the concept of "revolutionary non violence". But his raid was important. Consider this from Martin L. King: "A nation that spends more on the military than uplifting social programs approaches spiritual death." We spend 2 billion a day on the military. Do you really understand John Brown or his raid? You all don't seem to go into these issues. Please post on your upcoming web site- if you are serious. Dave-Peacenik in Baltimore

Dec. 2008 V/R K. Geiger USN (Ret.) writes: It would appear you live in a fantisy world that doesn't co-exist with the realities of our world today. While I wouldn't argue that the Uss-Sterett pictured on your site is in fact the very embodiment of death and destruction I would say that yes, it is supposed to be. I served our military for 21+ years so folks like you could come on board US Naval vessles and voice your displeasure at our willingness to serve and sacrifice so you can do so. I think your stance would be more poignent if it were taking place in say... China? Iran? Syria? I could go on but... I think you would still fail to get the point. Freedom is only free when someone else is willing to make a sacrifice. Whereas peace and prosperity, a willingness to live and let live are admirable AND desired the reality of life is that if we follow YOUR lead and lay down our arms to trust the rest of the world to follow us and believe that no harm shall follow, well, we may be sorely disappointed. Instead of posting photos taken on the decks of a US Naval Warship whose purpose is to support and defend YOU; allow you to publish your delusional views in the absense of all reality perhaps you could go into downtown Tehran and do a photo shoot with your signs. And write them in Arabic as well. As the fanatics (akin to yourselves but following Allah instead) were slitting your throats would you still support the dismanteling of our US military? Or would you scream for the Marines to pull you from harms way? Since I know you will never back up your stance in an unfriendly foreign land I realize that I have wasted my time again. As you have wasted my time as well by drawing me into responding to your delusions. I honestly pray that you never require the services of those in uniform to 'bail' you out. You don't deserve their service. But, you will never put yourself into harms way in support of your beliefs, now will you?

Dec. 2008, Jennifer Svetlik from Washington DC writes: I recently moved to DC to be an intern for Sojourners. I lived in a Catholic Worker house one summer and it was a beautiful experience. I am really interested in your work and would like to be added to your email list. I am praying for your prophetic witness.

Dec. 2008, Peter Hiltner from Germany writes A very inspiring page with a plenitude of informations and moving experiences shared. I'd wish I could follow this wealth more regularly (I just wanted to pass by and have look, but I spent all Sunday afternoon on this page, its pics and other substantial links). Thanks for your work and life and my warm greetings to all of you and to Willa & Brendan of Viva House!

Nov 2008. Casey Burnett from Ohio writes:--- thanks so much for being and bringing your peace into the world. My moments in such a sacred space with you inspires me to chose good and oppose evil more directly and openly. I'm still in training and I hoped to be graced with continued divine teachings.

October 2008, a college grad writes: To these Dominican sisters... you are beautiful. You stand alongside many who have gone before you. You may be ordinary, but you set an example of love for others to live by. In response to another comment accusing you of violence: "The person who is truly nonviolent, who is incapable of violence, is the person who is fearless. It's only when you're afraid that you become angry" -Anthony de Mello. There is one evil: fear. And one good: love. Anger, hate, racism, war all are rooted in fear. When I see the example of these Sisters, I see love. And so thank you. The world may not understand... and so we simply continue to love. peace.

In October 2008, Alice Bach writes: I am delighted to tell you that the Palestinian Chronicle also picked up the article on Srs. Ardeth and Carol. They are heroes among our friends on the West Bank. Palestinians, who are not allowed to travel outside their villages and towns have great sympathy with these honorable women who have been put into a category of terrorist by imperialists and oppressors. The question remains: how many Americans will be placed into homeland prisons as have their brothers and sisters in occupied Palestine?

In October 2008, Jason Hammock writes: : could u please put me on your mail list your site was very moving and inspiring and imforming.blessed be the peace makers.

October 2008, Georgia Good, PhD writes: : I recently read that Sister Carol and Sister Ardeth were designated as terror suspects by a database.
As regards your cause, I understand you do not wish people to be violent, as I do not wish that either. But what is the violence you harbor in your own heart? If you say, none, then I know you are not being truthful.
Your protests against violence are admirable but you miss the point of Scripture and the reality of Scripture is that man is basically evil, not good. Thus we must all, as individuals and a nation, be prepared to defend ourselves with arms. This too is Scriptural.
I am sympathetic with the shock of being labeled a terrorist, but get over it. Sometimes there will be false positives in any database. If your protest against violence is a claim toward compassion and forgiveness, you do not show this by humiliating the people who are entrusted to protect us through you, someone you know, going to the media.
To be quite frank, I think your deeper and more prevalent issue is your violent attitude towards authority.
Dr. Georgia Good, Clinical Psychologist

October 2008 Publius writes: I am probably in opposition to you on every issue. I have served my nation in uniform in a war that I feel is justified and which you protest against. I have seen terrorists and feel that your characterization of the United States as the biggest terrorist organization is unjustified.

I believe Bishop Gumbleton should remember that he is a Priest before he is an activist.
With all of that said, I believe that your treatment and labelling as suspected terrorists by the Maryland State Police was and is absolutely wrong.

I could spend hours debating the merits your beliefs versus my own however; this debate only takes place in an environment where the Constitution is preserved and defended. You have done so in this case and for that I applaud you.

I will keep you all in my prayers and know that while we disagree, you have my respect.

October 2008 a Concerned Catholic writes: As a Catholic I while I believe the intent may be well founded you do much harm to the entire church community by the adverse publicity particular when trespass and graffiti are involved...Suggest more prayer and less disobedience with civil laws......

October 2008 a web reader writes: this is about nothing i read on your website, i believe what you do is good. i read an article on the news about sisters ardeth platte and carol gilbert about their being on a terrorist list. how can they claim peacefulness when they were outraged!

October 2008 Michael Seward writes: I enjoyed seeing the pictures of your bravery on top of the B-52! I don't know many people with the courage of their convictions, and a love of peace and justice so deep, that they would risk their own personal freedom to stand in the wind atop a B-52 to tell the world that love and peace are possible in this world.

September 2008 Pissed Off Sailor writes: You people are welcome for the right to do what you do. You can thank my great grandfather, my grandfathe,r my father, me, and my uncles and cousins who have all served this great nation in it's defense and protection of your right to free speech. Just so you know, I am from the USS Sterett and what ya'll did at our commissioning was disgraceful.l Be glad that I was not able to reach you with our fire hoses and that we were stood down from spraying you with fire hoses when you boarded our ship. In closing, you're welcome.

Skip Knoble writes to give us this link Conscientious Objector
Peace and love. Skip

Whitaker writes from Branford, CT Feb. 08: Thank you for your articles on Stephen Kobasa. Given myriad Biblical scriptures on idolatry (not to mention scriptures on peaceful behavior and the family of nations, just two examples additional issues relevant to this ethical question), I believe Kobasa stands on solid scriptural ground.

As a Christian, I support his actions; they were quite brave and deeply compassionate. Kobasa reminds me of how often, as Christians, we wound Christ in our disrespect of Him. Kobasa sets an example for us of compassion for the One who sacrificed all for our sins.

I learned of the case through my Humanities professor. I am appalled that the Catholic Diocese cannot bring themselves to state that Christ is high and lifted up (above a symbol of nationalism); Galatians (through Paul) instructs us not to boast in anything but the Cross of Christ.

Stephen Kobasa's actions remind us all of the Grace of Christ evident in the life of a man sensitive to the voice of God.

George T. H. Fuller from. Vancouver, BC, Canada writes: I really appreciate you web site. It is new for me, but gives a more dynamic touch with the work of Jonah House, but i still need your copy of Year One. I got to know Phillip Berrigan when we were both woking in Harlem and kept in touch with him over the years until his death. While I am not wealthy I will send funds as I am able. Your article on Guantanamo rings a bell with me as Canada has the only western prisoner there, he is Omar Khadr. He was captured when only a5 years old and was shot six times by USA forces and now they want to try him for murder in violation of international law for the treatment of child soldiers and for the treatment of juveniles. British Prime Minister Tony Blair got all of his ctizens returned to Britain, Canada has done nothing for him to date. He is now 20 years old and is given none of the protection of civil rights that any Canadain or US citizen would be entitled to. I personally think he is treated this way because he is a Muslim and of Middle Eastern Heritage. The USA had one of their citizens in that prison and they took him out and I assume put him through the regular court system. Khadr has had no schooling since he was 15 years old. The system for trying him violates all of the principles of due process and civil liberties. Canada's perfomace is a disgrace and the USA couldn't care less that he is a Canadian Citizen. George T.H. Fuller

david eberhardt in balto, md.writes in January 08 writes: dear jerrold post (a prof. at george washington u- who is an "expert" on terrorism after hearing his presentation on CSPAN on 1/6-) have you considered the following?: extremism for non-violence cannot be terrorist- terrorists are not "normal". they are aberrations- they are "cultists"- but- we should not kill them groups such as jonah house in baltimore- attacking missile installations- altho controversial- are actually the only true peace movement, disarmnament groups non-violence is normal (and desirable)- violence may be male, it may be darwinian- go into that a bit more- but, never forget to mention non violence yes, life in Palestinian refugee camps is revolting but, there are buddhist monks who can live on nxt to nothing and they practice non-violence non- violence mus also be learned and taught all this seems left out of your presentation- i hope when you advise defense dept. groups you presnt these views- it might help them- for we live in a very violent- some would say the most violent- society would you mention this when you speak? thank you

K.C. Scherer, SFC, USA (RET) in January '08 writes: SHUT UP! France and Canada are waiting on you!

Pam Allee from Portland, OR writes in Dec. '08: There is a 2008 boycott campaign at It simply asks people to redirect (even) $1. (or more) for one year, suggests possible redirections and asks people to register (can be anonymous) on line or via a downloadable pdf form. The purpose is to get folks used to the idea of considering what their tax $$ buy, taking a first step (one with little if any risk) to being accountable, and contributing to a number that we (NWTRCC) can use as a vote, or perhaps a virtual march, to present to Congress. When you visit the site, open the pdf's to see this information in better detail. This campaign is particularly well thought out, having begun two years ago with a survey of people who do, used to do, or never have done war tax resistance. It also has the active support of several organizations, including War Resisters League, Voices for Creative Nonviolence and Veterans for Peace.

Robert Halpin from Red Bluff CA writes: A very informative site. My step duaghter is working as a Jesuit Volunteer in Portland,Maine and heard Ardeth and Carol speak. She was quite impressed. Her mother and I are opposed to war. We wrote a song and I play it as part of my band' act at every gig. It's called "In God We Trust", the final verse goes, " I know a way. I've got a plan. Takes you and me and every man. Live your life with joy be kind. Spread your love. Make fear decline..." I wanted to attach a copy for your use but since I can't here please download a free copy at
Bless you all for the risky work that you do. "Blueroad" Bob Halpin

Carol Heflin from Michigan writes in December '07 : I first heard of the Berrigans when I was thirteen and my journalism teacher had been in seminary with Dan. Today (40 years later) I continue to learn and try to follow the path of activism and non violent resistence that they taught us.
I raised 6 children as a single mother. I participated (with the Berrigans) as an organizer of the World Peace March in 1980 or 81. I tried very hard to teach each of my children the importance of community building and participation.
This morning...Christmas morning my 26 year old son gave me two orignal piece of art done by a courtroom artist of the Plowshire trial in 1981 and a signed copy of Widen the Prison Gates. I cried. He understands. I don't believe in heros or those who seek to follow 'stars' but I believe we need to follow the teachings of Christ, of Gandhi, and yes of the Berrigans.
Thank you for keeping the misssion alive. Know you are not alone. As we ate in community in Portage Michigan tonight...a gay couple, two Jewish friends, my children, and others who needed a place to be I was pleased to have the reminder of all others have done to create a better world hanging above our fireplace. Please let me know if there is ever anything we can do to help. Peace and love Carol Heflin

Reid writes in Nov. '07: I wanted to alert you to the website for a new movie, STOP LOSS, where the main character of the film is a soldier who chooses to go AWOL rather than go back to the violence he committed in Iraq, and suffers the consequences for it. I think the film is certainly something that your readers will enjoy looking at and talking about. They have a website where you can watch the trailer, along with real videos of soldiers who have been stop-lossed (and their wives). I urge you to check it out and let your readers know!

Joan Mahon from Young Harris, GA writes in Nov. '07: I attended a retreat given by Father Dan Berrigan and Liz McAllister. Needless to say it was awesome. But discovering this site was equally inspiring. It is a blessing to know there are other individuals out there who profess the nonviolence of Jesus. Thank you for giving us this website to share our committment to nonviolence. We live in the North Georgia mountains. Surrounded by so much of God's beautiful creation, we hear many cries for more violence and war. But I will continue to speak out for NO MORE WAR! Your website encourages me to continue to speak out and witness to peace. So many have suffered and died for that witness. My effort is miniscule by comparison, but your website will motivate me to continue. Thank you again for your great work. God bless you Joan

George Greenwald writes Nov. 2007:I came to Jonah House in August 1980 to participate at a year-long presence at the Pentagon. Back in those days, anyone could walk into the Pentagon concourse. I responded to a longtime calling to be naked in the truth. I went into a restroom in the Pentegon concourse, removed all my clothes and wrapped myself in a blanket. I then walked across the length of the Pentagon and came before a poster of two eyes (being held by a friend). I knelt before the eyes and dropped the blanket. In my trial before a federal magistrate, I pled "no contest" to a charge of indecent exposure.

The judge found me guilty and asked if I had anything to say before sentencing. I read the leaflet I had written the evening before, which went something like:
"We each carry with us a cloak of lies that we show to each other and ourselves. Lies to cover up lies. But it all comes to naught, for we're all naked before the eyes of God. Disarm that we might live". (This was the approximate wording. It was a long time ago).

The judge sat silent for what seemed like a very long time. He finally said "I have to give you some time." I HAVE to give you some time. I heard that he didn't want to... he had to. I heard that he heard me. At that moment, I knew why I came to DC from Missoula Montana. It wasn't for political protest. It wasn't to be anti war or anti anything or pro peace or any other cliche. It was for that long moment of silence where that man's heart and mine had a conversation in love. This federal magistrate (reportedly the most conservative "hanging judge" at the time) allowed love to rule the day. Of a possible one year maximum sentence I spent 8 days in jail. It was a conversion process for myself as well as that judge.

Thanks, Jonah House, for your longstanding vigilance.

Rosalie McQuaide, csjp from FL writes: Dear Friends, The website is a treasure: it is beautiful, happy, serious, informative, reflective, inviting, poetic, spacious, varied, useful, loving, colorful, well organized -- in a word, treasure! Thanks so much.

Leif Stani Leszczynski writes from Denmark: Fantastic website! As old antimilitarist and none- violent activist in Denmark Iam glad and hopefull when my catholics brothers and sisters in fellow - ships are serving the Lord in a peacefull activism.

Anne Ryan from Pennsylvania writes concerning Kathy Boylan:
Dear Kathy, I thank you so much for your courage. When I read the letters sent to you, I smiled because I imagined the letters as written to Jesus. You are cerainly following His Way. God bless you and keep you.

Arn Dekker from the United Kingdom writes: Just a quick note to thank you for the all the hard and excellent work you are all doing. The website is superb; inspiring and energizing. We are Pax Christi members here in the UK and very much in solidarity with your aims. Best wishes, Arn Dekker

Andy Pratt from Massachusetts writes; (October 2007) Brothers and Sisters.... The Lord be with you as you speak for those who have no voice...blessings to you.

David M. Gross from San Francisco, CA writes: (October 2007): The National War Tax Resistance Coordinating Committee has just launched a new campaign, the 2008 War Tax Boycott ( ), with which it hopes to get thousands of anti-war activists to begin using this time-honored resistance tactic. A while back, they surveyed 1,500 such activists and found that about two-thirds would be willing to engage in tax resistance if they knew they were part of a large movement and not just acting as individuals. So we're trying to build just such a movement of people who are willing to publicly declare their unwillingness to continue to pay for war. I'm writing in the hopes that you will join the campaign and help to publicize it. Please visit to register for the boycott and to learn about how to do it effectively and safely.

Kevin M. Bartoy from Tennessee writes (October 2007)
You are truly doing God's work. Living in the "Bible Belt," I often see very vocal Christians preaching sermons and messages that would make Christ cringe. We must first and foremost remember the Beatitudes as we walk through these difficult times. And, we must always remember that there are not asterisks next to "Thou shall not kill" or "Turn the other cheek." Please add my signature to your message for the troops to resist. I stand with you strongly in spite of the laws of this country. It is a powerful statement. It is only when the troops refuse to fight that there will be no more war. Thank you.

Boyd Collins writes from Texas (October 2007): The words and pictures from this web site have been a great inspiration to me in my anti-war work here in Texas. I'm currently in the process of joining the Catholic Worker, moved by their dedication to nonviolence and service to the poor. Also, there's a blog called Nonviolent Jesus that I believe is of the same spirit that you may be interested in at . Please keep up your work - it's a big part of what sustains us out in the often lonely posts of mega church mid-America.

Arnold "ARNY" Stieber writes from. Grass Lake, MI (October 2007)
I was very excited to see that you folks had a peace action at the Archdiocese of the Military! I'm a father, businessperson and military veteran (Army, infantry, Viet Nam). I woke up to my military experience in January of 2003. Since then I've been engaged in research on a number of topics. I've formulated two questions to guide my research - Why war? and Why do we so proudly send our children to kill other children? The Archdiocese of the Military is the antithesis of Jesus. Thank you for planting a seed for peace in their minds. I sent a bumper sticker to each Bishop in the Archdiocese - "If war is right, then Jesus is wrong". I've also developed (based on the Statement of Purpose of Pax Christi) a Peace of Christ Pledge. Hopefully you and your readers will distribute it widely.

"The words and actions of Jesus Christ are timeless and require continuous diligence in all daily activities. As a member of the worldwide community who follow the words and actions of Jesus Christ, I pledge to:
* Reject war, preparations for war, and every form of violence and domination.
* Advocate primacy of conscience, economic and social justice, and respect for creation.
When I am in a position of authority I pledge that I will not order others to violate the words and actions of Jesus Christ.
When I receive orders I pledge that I will not comply if these orders violate the words and actions of Jesus Christ. Peace - Gandhi style, ARNY

Gisele Fontaine from CA writes: Please let visitors to your website know that there will be a benefit reading of "The Trial of the Catonsville 9" on Saturday, August 18th at the Kirk Douglas Theater in Culver City, CA (greater Los Angeles) starring Martin Sheen, Tim Robbins and others. It will benefit the Office of the Americas and also The Actor's Gang. Tickets can be purchased online at or by phone at the Actor's Gang box office at 310-838-4264.

John Berg from Seattle writes; As a fellow believer (living in the Seattle area) committed to nonviolence, I am writing to invite you to check out the website for Holy Land Trust in Bethlehem, which is a community of Palestinians committed to nonviolence and peacebuilding. Founded in 1997, HLT currently has 20 full time staff, half of them Christian (from the Catholic, Orthodox and Protestant/evangelical traditions) and half Muslim -- and all committed to nonviolence. Among HLT initiatives are projects to train local citizen peacebuilders and school teachers in the key principles and practices of nonviolence and conflict resolution, not only with reference to the Occupying Israeli power but also between Palestinians themselves. HLT members also participate in weekly nonviolent resistance to the Israeli Occupation and the construction of the WALL that will soon isolate Palestinians -- Christian and Muslim alike -- not only from the outside world but also from each other. Here is the HLT website: I serve with Middle East Fellowship, a USA Christian agency that helps represent HLT's work over here. I invite you to check out our website also and our educational website concerning the Middle East.

Chris Cole from Oxford England writes in May:: Dear friends Greetings from England! This Sunday is the 100th anniversary of the birth of Franz Jagerstatter (20th May 07). Let us pray for the grace to have the courage to resist instituational violence and war as Franz did.

Adam Higdon writes in June, 2007: I am a member of the Army National Guard. My unit will be deployed to Iraq this fall (2007). I DO NOT agree with the war, nor do I agree with any form of war or the use of violence. My beliefs are not that of a secular religious background, rather a personal moral standing. For this reason, I fear that any possibility of seperation under Conscientious Objector status will be denied. I am, instead, left with either a small chance of making it to my ETS date this December (2007), or refusing to deploy and possible prison time! I am truely conflicted.

Antoinette McCormick from The Netherlands writes in April: I read with great interest the exhortation, 'Brothers, Sisters, Refuse to Fight'! I must say I wish I had not completed my own tour of duty, when I was still naive, in the US Navy (and even a Gulf War volunteer) from 1987-'91. Important though to note, you call it the First Gulf War. If I had know of the 1980-1988 Real First Gulf War, when we (the US government, I mean) backed Saddam, I would certainly have left the service, I could not have been persuaded to stay. Please, reach out to the military with the truth about who Saddam was to the US, their henchman, bully boy who turned, giving the oil in Iraq to the people. Thanks for all you do, I hope to see you at a protest when I return to the States in the fall. Antoinette

Lilia Adecer Cajilog (Firefly) from South Pasadena,CA writes in April: Jonah House represents the Soul of America because it is composed of soulful Americans who are willing to walk their talk. More POWER to you and may your non violent SATYAGRAHA Tribe increase forever! Yes! Non violent non cooperation to unjust laws and unjust government actions!!! Firefly Tawon Seed Carrier

Bill White writes from Maine in April: I visit your web site from time to time in order to re-establish a sense of self by re-establing a modicum of moral certitude. It's not the sort of certitude one flaunts; no, it's an artifact, really one which reminds me that I should be doing a better job of looking after others.

dave eberhardt from balto md wrote in April 07: i was saddened to call the brady gun violence group today (4/19) to hear that they have no email address becuz the opposition swamps them- no email address! may i share the poem i sent to nikki giovanni- which she cld have read instead of the sad ass kissing one she did at the v tech memorial service
(for the victims of the gun massacre)
who made the glock
who made the walther
who sold them
who blocked laws that wld have restricted them
what terrorist was invited to speak at the memorial
actually for jonah house readers i will reveal
there were 2 governor kaine and president bush
why did not vt ask these questions
why will this happen again
best, dave

Art Milholland from Baltimore writes in April: "King and the Cross" article is excellent.

Cathy Evans from White Bear Lake, MN writes in April 07: Great site! Our local CW in Stillwater, MN, will have a discussion next Friday night (May 4) on Ben Salmon, so I googled him and went to Dan Berrigan's article on him and your site. Thanks for being so accessible. My husband, John, and I have been to Jonah House (I believe)perhaps 25 years ago with my mother-in-law, Hermene Evans, who's been gone over 20 years ago now. Take care, Cathy Evans

Antoinette McCormick from The Netherlands writes in April 07: I read with great interest the exhortation, 'Brothers, Sisters, Refuse to Fight'! I must say I wish I had not completed my own tour of duty, when I was still naive, in the US Navy (and even a Gulf War volunteer) from 1987-'91. Important though to note, you call it the First Gulf War. If I had know of the 1980-1988 Real First Gulf War, when we (the US government, I mean) backed Saddam, I would certainly have left the service, I could not have been persuaded to stay. Please, reach out to the military with the truth about who Saddam was to the US, their henchman, bully boy who turned, giving the oil in Iraq to the people. Thanks for all you do, I hope to see you at a protest when I return to the States in the fall. Antoinette

Lilia Adecer Cajilog (Firefly) from South Pasadena,CA writes April 07: Jonah House represents the Soul of America because it is composed of soulful Americans who are willing to walk their talk. More POWER to you and may your non violent SATYAGRAHA Tribe increase forever! Yes! Non violent non cooperation to unjust laws and unjust government actions!!! Firefly

Lynne Amano from East Rancho Palos Verdes, CA writes in April 07: I live in RPV which is in Los Angeles County. I have 3 pygmy goats and 1 long/curley haired nubian kid. I do barnyard rescue in our area. I came across your site, while looking for a picture of a long haired nubian. I've only had short-haired nubians. I enjoyed reading and viewing your site, you do good things in this world...God bless you for what you do. Compassion for all creatures, lynne

Lori A Roushon from Colorado writes in April 07: : Today seems to be an appropriate day tho thank Jackie Hudson, Ardeth Platte, and Carol Gilbert on what they've given to this world for their entire lives. I went to the screening of "Conviction" last year at Regis in Colorado, and I'm going to watch my DVD later today. You have given me the courage to speak out for peace when so many others want to tell me I'm un-American. Thank you all for everything.

Dave Eberhardt from Baltimore writes on Feb 14: you have a wonderful site- the person who wrote and quoted Luke 7:8- Jesus commending a soldier- to me, this is a very telling passage and goes to show you that Jesus was human and capable of error-I'd like to get some exegesis on this passage (I grew up in the church and tend to think of Jesus as infallible). I'd like to see an old masters painting titled: "Jesus Making a Mistake"!! I am tending towards Sufism and Zen in religious matters lately (they seem most non-violent and poetic "religions")- altho' loving Dorothy Day - just not too knowledgeable about her doctrinal thoughts -I would like to share w your readers a comment that the great translator of Rumi- Coleman Barks- gave me in Baltimore lately when I asked him about Rumi's attitude about non- violence and political protest- Coleman said, a great general wanted to attack and capture Rumi's village but one of his scouts came back and told him that in this village , "they're all like him." At which the general left! (in disgust? in fear? in sympathy? in respect? You tell me). The point is the general LEFT. Which we should do now in Iraq- like, um YESTERDAY?

Bill Hughes on Feb. 13 encourages us to go to:

Paul Duchastel of Toronto Ontario writes: Quite admirable examples of courage!Bravo. But none of the events is reported in the Regular press., Americans are in the same position as Romans were with Cesar Augustus. Their president has become a god,will we have the courage of early Christians?? (Feb 07)

Jonah Elijah Brown Colorado Springs Co writes (Jan 07): I first heard of your place while a regular contributor/subscriber to Sojourners List. I changed my name to Jonah Elijah before that because they were my two favorite prophets.
That cat Jonah was something eh?
One of the things you can get out of the book (one of the shortest in the Bible) is that God can change His mind and plans, without having to ask our permission.
God says, Jonah, I'm set on wiping the earth clean of those people in Nineveh.
Jonah says "Cool, like can I watch?"
God: Better...
Jonah: "wow, I get to help too?"
God: Even better than that. You get to go to Nineveh and preach repentance to them.
Jonah: Hey, you're setting me up... I ain't scared of going there to die, Heck, the Ninevites occupy my town anyways. They could kill me here, everybody knows how much I hate them... But You just want me to tell them about the Heckfire and Darnmation so they will repent, and then You will let them off the hook. Well no way Jose.
God: you have to go do it. you ain't getting out of it so stop whining and do it...
Ok so I took a few liberties with the original text. Another way of looking at it, Jonah was so angry that God didn't wipe Nineveh off the face of the earth.. God tells him that there were 20 thousand kids in the town who were so young they didn't even know their left hand from their right.
And Jonah was whining about the gourd that gave him shade had been killed.
Amazingly, the book ends there. No follow up.
Jonah never repents.
But the Ninevites did all die. So did Jonah. Nineveh is now a fishing village. Jonah is a character in a Veggie Tales movie, played by a pickle.
It's after midnight and I have Physical Therapy later today. Thank you for choosing the same name I chose.
I didn't know of your organization, and you couldn't have possibly have known about me when we chose our name. Guess Angels do bring messages from God, and maybe there is hope for the world.

Ruth O'Neill from St. Francis Catholic Worker in Columbia, MO writes: I am representing Margaret Bryant-Gainer who is one of 16 prisoners of conscience who crossed the line at Ft. Benning this year and has decided to remain in custody pending trial. She asked me to share her journal entries with you. If anyone has time to drop her a line, I know she would appreciate it. Hope all are well, we are missing Sr. Ruth, but otherwise doing well here.

Jailhouse Journal of Margaret Bryant Gainer (Note: Margaret was arrested on Sunday, November 19, 2006 for crossing the line at Ft. Benning, Georgia to protest the continued presence of the School of the Americas/WHINSEC. She is scheduled to appear for trial on a charge of trespassing on a military installation on January 29, 2007.) Empire Falls: Notes from my journal, Muskogee County Jail First Entry: Taken to Harris Jail yesterday after arrest at Ft. Benning. Stayed in small cell ½ night alone. Began making origami peace cranes out of soap paper (green, gold, pink). Also made cranes from sandwich wrappers. The guard wouldn t given any writing material or anything to read so the crane making was a nice meditation. The following day upon arrival to Muskogee Jail after being shuffled into white wall jailroom version #3, my eyes went to the writing on a window covered w/ adds to keep out the sunlight. The advertisement reads A New Home: $0. Watching it fill up for the holidays: Priceless (Mastercard). Now in cellblock 319 over 40 women here crowded 8x10 ft (approx) rooms. 3+ women per room w/ one individual usually on the floor about a foot from shared toilet. No access to outdoors, fresh air, fresh veggies, sunlight, perpetual artificial light and chronic noise. Upon tour of the cell block one of the inmates observes all the rooms are the same size here, yep, every single one. Given meat substance and cheese substance sandwich to eat; I don t think I can be a vegan here, could possibly be a vegetarian, even after eating that sandwich! I am grateful for the food, though. I mistakenly took the wrong cup after dinner. A woman brought me mine and instructed me to put my name on it as they are like gold here . Most of the women have been very welcoming and supportive. A woman tells mea joke, Children will be with you when you grow old and they will get you there faster too. First Saturday: Between the lockdowns and a shakedown we try to look up. Many of the women here have been folding peace cranes, the television is decorated with them. Some of the sandwich bag cranes were confiscated duringone of the downs crane conspiracy? Other things confiscated: warm clothing & bedding, space! Information; how long you may be in here and when you court date is, grandmothers, mother, sister! Unable to meet as visitation is 18 years and older only! Not much in the way of fa la la la la Christmas cheer but celebration does occur. Second Sunday at Muskogee Jail: two weeks since over 20,000 came together to vigil and close the School of Americas/Western Hemisphere Institute for Security Cooperation and I joined w/ 15 others arresting the SOA/WHINSEC on the grounds they teach torture and according to international law including the Geneva Conventions, this is illegal. Connecting the dots: the torture by U.S. personnel at Abu Grahib Bagdad. The torture & killing inflicted on high profile church people such as Bishop Romero and the thousands of others whose crosses we carry. The torture of the mountain people of West Virginia at the hands of big coal, big timber and mountain top removal, to Jesus Christ being stripped, beaten and nailed to a cross. We as a people condemn torture and killing in North, Central and South America, and a very good place for the new Congress to start to rebuild the reputation of the US will be to put our repenting into action by closing the SOA/WHINSEC and repealing the Military Commissions Act. Third Saturday in Muskogee: yesterday we celebrated 3 birthdays, the release of two inmates, one a 22 year old pregnant woman here for parole violation, the other a mother of three. My roommate is relieved to find out today she will be able to see a doctor in the future outside of Muscogee jail clinic to treat her cervical cancer. We have three women in our cell block w. cancer and others being tested for cancer. My roommate is joyfully cleaning, puts orange peels in the sink which scent the room when we wash out hands. I m swallowing anger that something that should be taken for granted like health care should be so difficult; that this jail exists at all. There are two women I know of here on terrorist charges. One has no prior convictions and went to court being charged with threatening her partner physically and is now charged with terrorism, was it terrorism or communism, I don t remember. The other has similar charges. One woman climbs tour window trying to catch a glimpse of her daughter. It s a long strip window that if standing on a bunk on tip toe she can see out of. Unable to see her daughter, tears begin to fall. She speaks out loud, I m still here, I m still here. For over a year she s been here, with no idea of court date or when she will be able to leave. Sunday: A preacher s voice echoes through the cell block singing about a chosen people, holy generation, chosen nation We ll just call this place Empire Falls where there is real health care, gone are the torture training banks of greed and corruption, beautiful life sustaining waters and green. Don t mess with that line or you might get arrested. Population doin fine, Peace and Solidarity, Margaret Bryant-Gainer

Jas writes: Ok, first I would like to comment on the E-9 picture "Nuclear Contamination" no that is an EOD suit. Now, if you're really die hards on the danger of nuclear weapons try a little research. what i mean is look up the lives of maintainers and missileers. This is a topic i've been pursuing myself however i can't find evidence at all, but you're a nonprofit group, perhaps u could find something and compile it. woudn't that make more since then damaging something stuipd like an a circuit which doesn't affect the missile in any way shape or form other than "OMG we can't get downstairs for oh i don't know, the 2 hours it took to drill it out"

Dear Jas, Thanks for recognizing the EOD suit, and for taking the time to write to us. I changed the caption on the picture. Information about the lives of the maintainers and missileers is of interest...we aren't a nonprofit group, though. Thanks again. Susan

George Fuller writes: Philip Berrigan was a old friend and it was through him that I was keeping in touch with Jonah House. I really appreciate receiving you newsletters, and will send contributions as I am able. The work you are doing is in many ways quite unique, not quite matched by any other organization that I am familiar with. Your web page, which I am visiting for the first time is a really useful and informative addition to your other forms of communication. Many thanks for putting it together. Philip's brother was a faculty member of Union Theological Seminary of which I am a graduate. He was also a good friend of an old friend of mine William Stringfellow. Merry Christmas and a Blessed New Year to all of you. George Fuller (December 06)

Brad Eckert from Arizona writes: Your site is a breath of fresh air to me. Very inspirational. Thank you for believing in peace. And there will be peace on the Earth some day. Real peace, and it will last forever. As God lives, I know this to be the case. Your symbolic actions against the silos are certainly a step in the right direction, but I think the hearts and minds of those in power will be turned more by fasting and prayer than by actions that are beyond their realm of understanding. I think you should organize a fast-in.

Colt writes: Thank you so so much for your fine work. You are truely doing the things we are all commanded to do. I'm dreadfully sorry for your exposure to the wreckless justice industrial complex as it is today. Good will win in the end but how much will we lose? And all for nothing. We live in a world where the few who gain wealth and power are nothing but demons, all about greed and power for what? Nothing in the end; waring, mass-murdering torturing, whilst the many are forced to go along either by falling for his great deceptions or weakened by fear. They steal office and corrupt our Democracy shredding our Constitution and everything we have ever held high. It is people like yourselves that make life worth living. You bring light and warmth back into a cold and dark world. (November 06)

Silas P. Groves writes: I am so happy that people are fighting against the proliferation of weapons of mass destruction in America. Really, how can Americans claim to be a moral authority battling the spread of these weapons when we so heartily embrace the armament of ourselves & allies? I lived in Denver for six years where many Coloradans were worried about contamination from Rocky Flats & I've recently relocated to Japan, where everyone I meet seems to know someone who was affected in some way by American bombing campaigns. My only criticism of the site is that looking at the pictures of your activist activity, I worry that some people who do not share your Christian beliefs may be alienated by the scripture based messages such as, `repent! God's kingdom is at hand!' Perhaps there are some good Buddhists, Muslims, Wiccans, whatever, that may want to help out in one way or another. Regardless, keep up the good work!!!

Cindi from Vancouver WA writes: To those of you making such enormous sacrifices for peace, you are admired ... you are loved ... you will never be forgotten. Thank you for your courage. (November 06)

Scott Kuhle writes: I read of Greg Boertje-Obed's sentencing, and was, of course, appalled. I am writing because of the judge's comments about Mr. Boertje-Obed's "decision to take actions that risked a year in prison instead of staying home with his family. "Why would one leave a wife and daughter at home to engage in juvenile acts of vandalism to protest nuclear weapons? I would think your commitment to your family should far outweigh your calling to such actions." In the early 1970's my wife was jailed while protesting the basing of the Trident submarine in Bremerton, Washington. That afternoon I left the protest site carrying our youngest child on my shoulders with our other four in tow. Thirty years has provided time for our family to reflect upon the decisions made that day, as well as other protest activities. All of us are convinced that their mother's willingness to be incarcerated was a noble commitment to her children, a commitment to see that they would, each in their own way, be dedicated to leading lives seeking peace and justice. I want to extend my gratitude to Greg, his wife Michelle, and their children. I can assure both Mr. and Mrs. Boertje-Obed that their children will always be proud of their parents, and grateful of their personal sacrifice. Peace and Joy, Scott Kuhle

Eric Glowienka writes: I have a question for your organization, which may seem to be a little on the inconsiderate side, understand however, that it is not inteded in such light at all. I mean no disrespect in my question, for it is of pure curiosity that i ask. When i first saw the article on the circus clowns arrested, i was enraged at the act, because i being a Christian myself, found the method crude. My question is as follows. How can you justify vandalism, trespassing, breaking and entering, and outright disregard for those that are in charge of our country, as a God driven act, and our a Christan act? I myself do not agree with many of the things in our world, but i also understand that while God wants us to do what is right, and follow His laws, we are also subject to the rule of our earthly governments. While this may be unpleasant it is something God has called upon us. I have no problems with protesting a governments policies or actions in anyway, but in a manner that is not defacing property or commiting crimes. Is it not a sin to unjustly break the laws that the government has set in place? Of course the "just" factor could be argued, however simply hanging signs outside, and protesting there would not be of any criminal offense. I just feel that as a Christian it is poor representation of what God has called us to do, to be disobeying the laws of the land. Please I would appreciate a response to my question/comments, I wish to hear your opinions on the matter. Thank you for taking the time to read my letter. Your Brother in Christ Jesus, Eric Glowienka

Dear Eric,
I guess it comes down to this: sometimes the state wants us to do something that is against our conscience, against the teachings of Jesus.
So when that happens, who do you follow? The state? or Jesus?
It's clearly easier to obey the can keep your job, your good name, your property, your five year plan. Many of the Germans in WW II followed the state, and many disobeyed and rescued Jews.
Maybe this makes sense to you, maybe not. Anyway, thanks for writing to us. peace, Susan Crane.

Jade writes: it would not have occurred to me, as a humanist, that three active catholic men would become my heroes. the term 'hero' is used so loosely these days but in this case, absolutely earned and warranted. please forward my heartfelt appreciation to these men and their families from a lifelong atheist and non-violent peacemaker... after reading the article about the 'clowns' on i have just a bit more faith in humanity... thank you,,, ...jade

Scott VanDusen in Tokyo writes: I love you I love you I love you. The minuteman clown protest was moving, beautiful, brilliant. Reading about the trial of these heros, these brave men, brought tears to my eyes. So unsurprising the judge would not allow any testimony on international law and the illegality of these weapons. Living in Japan, people here know about the bomb, Americans however have really no idea of the destructive force. Who is the enemy we are really fighting? Who is the enemy? It is us. LOVE! Scott and Miho VanDusen Tokyo Japan PS. thank you. (November 06)

Judith Pickard from Germany writes: Thank god for Americans working and praying for peace--i will try to organize something here on the 11 of Jan 2007--a few years back i organized a demo for peace in Eschwege- and for a while we had prayer vigils once aweek but then the support dwindled down and it stopped..time to try again (November 06)

Vincent Williams from New York writes: Hmmm, Luke 7:8 For I also am a man set under authority, having under me soldiers, and I say unto one, Go, and he goeth; and to another, Come, and he cometh; and to my servant, Do this, and he doeth it. 9 When Jesus heard these things, he marvelled at him, and turned him about, and said unto the people that followed him, I say unto you, I have not found so great faith, no, not in Israel. Jesus commended this soldier for his duty, I wonder why He choose a soldier? This guy obviously was a leader and led his troups into battle, hmmm. I guess I will support our soldiers too! (October 06)

September 2006: Matt Keller from Rome writes :
I've just finished reading the account of your extraordniary courage. Your actions simultaneously shame and inspire me. I write this as an American living in Rome, Italy, working for the United Naitons, and it forces me to refelct -- yet again -- that it is primarily through direct action that we can begin to change the hearts and minds of our fellow citizens. We must begin calling into question the intrinsic immorality of the military industrial complex in a more public and sustained way if we are ever to realize the day when swords will turn into ploughshares. For my part -- from my ridiculously comfortable perch from Rome -- I have not yet figured out what it is that I can publicly do or say that calls into question the priorities of my country. But I know that day is coming, and because of your actions, because of your faith, beacuse of your courage, I will act. I promise you this much. With deep admiration and appreciation, Matt Keller

September 2006: Lisa Guido from Ithaca writes from New Orleans::
Dear Friends, I check your website often for updates and to see what's going on. Its a great site!
Audrey and I and our 2 little guys will be in New Orleans till May probably to add whatever we possibly can to the work for justice and restoration.
Its so chrystal clear here that the ongoing u.s. wars rob life from people here....from the crumbling levees, homes, schools, courts, streets. I've gained quite an education just seeing how the whole "clean-up and restoration" has been going here and also seeing how people in the city jail have been treated from evacuation time till now. From the racist plans for land-grabbing and the purposeful lack of restoration of basic needs for certain areas and the speedy repairs in the richer and whiter areas. No talk about land-grabbing there or "changing the footprint of the city" there to make way for casinos and condos. Its quite telling to see how advanced the flood protection measures that the Dutch take compared to some of the flimsy walls here. Fortified bases can be built in Iraq and around the world, but basic safety measures for citizens here are completely ignored. Its so similar to Baltiimore and other cities and I know I'm not saying anything you haven't thought of, but I just wanted to share my thoughts.
When the Yes-men came to New Orleans on the anniversary of Hurricane Katrina and suggested that the oil companies provide x billion dollars for restoring the wetlands they've torn up, that was a step in the right direction! And of course, Jonah House always reminds me of so many important directions to keep re-focussing to.....
Please know that even though we havent been able to come to some ALC events for awhile, we still think of you all (and the work) often and look forward to seeing you all again. We will be in Georgia to work with the legal collective and the puppetistas (which the kids really love!). Maybe we'll see some of you there. On a positive note, there have been quite amazing arrays of people coming down here to volunteer, providing free house-gutting, house building, tree work, soil remediation, wetland restoration, child care, health care, legal aid and food distribution. People are still coming to share their efforts. If anyone you know is coming down and needs housing or some orientation, please tell them to feel free to contact us.
Peace with Justice, Lisa
P.S. There's a guy here who keeps a goat in his yard and loans her out to his friends for yard maintenance.

September 2006: michael lorenz from tasmania autralia writes:
2000 years and still going strong the miracle continues i read the story in counterpunch, my very best wishes to the holy fools i pray they thank you and let you go may your efforts bear fruit and these weapons be banished

September 2006: Larry Christinni writes:
I salute these three men! I pray that everyone in this world would have such a strong desire to ban all nuke weapons. They are right...NO country should have them. Since an explanation never came from the military how this disarming works, I am guessing [also praying] that the US policy is to assure that the entire world is free of these weapons before we will do the same. The US assumes the role of "watch dogs" of the world and we do not hold tenets like the radical extremists whose goals and motives are predicated on hate, destruction, and conquering. If anyone should give the weapons up last, it should be us. Bear in mind this is only my opinion. I would like to learn what the policy of global nuclear disarming is. There three men have caused us to question that, which means they have accomplished much!!


September 2006: Joe Stern from Fort Collins, CO writes: God blesss the clowns!
.Prejudice against Moslem-Americans A recent USA Today-Gallup poll indicated that 39% of Americans feel prejudice against Moslems and 31% said they d feel more nervous flying if a Moslem was on the plane. The Nation magazine of 9/25/06, p. 4 indicated that a federal Special Registration program required 80,000 immigrants from predominantly Moslem countries to appear in immigration offices for interviews, fingerprinting and photographing. Yet it failed to convict a single terrorist. Shortly after Pearl Harbor, the U.S. deemed it necessary to intern 120,000 Japanese-Americans in camps until the end of World War II. How long will it be before President Bush requests Congress to open similar internment camps for Moslem-Americans? If he does requests it, will Congress and the American public agree that such camps are necessary to help win the war for the freedom that is lacking in the Middle East? Machine Gun Shoot vs. Moslems The Colorado Springs Independent, 9/14/06, p. 4 contains an ad for Dragon Man s 15th Annual Machine Gun Shoot, to be held on its property in Colorado Springs, on Sunday, 9/24/06, from 9 am-6 pm. The upper right hand corner of this ad contains an interesting photo, showing a man with a machine gun, in front of another man in Moslem attire, holding a target. The caption reads, WANTED 100 Iraq terrorists to hold targets. The ad states that 200 machine guns will be rented out, Average $10 per gun and pay for ammo 20 instructors on hand to show you how to load and fire! Those who attend will, Experience the Excitement and Feel the Fire Power! Also, NOW this is a party! Don t miss it!!! Many readers may consider this ad to be outrageously defamatory. When one considers the tens of thousands of military, both active duty and retired, and the great number of Christians in Colorado Springs, why aren t all of them loudly protesting against this blatant discrimination and ethnic prejudice to say nothing of promoting violence as fun? Indeed, one may wonder why the publisher would accept such a despicable ad? Aren t there limits to the First Amendment protections? Iraq Peace Vigil, Saturdays, 12-1 pm, NW corner College & Mulberry Joe Stern, 421 S. Howes #701; Fort Collins, CO 8052l; 970-493-7030

Peter Edmunds writes: Thank you Greg Michael and Carl. You are continuing the long march many of us started decades ago. Continuing seems hopeless at times but when I want to stop I think about the world I am leaving to my grandkids. I sill stop resisting when I stop breathing. Having been resisting since 1968. I have often said that you meet a better class of people on a picket line than anywhere else and these three are just the best. Let us keep resisting because there is no other choice.

China Galland from Mill Valley, CA writes : What wonderful witnessing you are doing for us all. Bless you and thank you!

Joe Stern from Fort Collins, CO writes 9/18/06: God blesss the clowns!

Ron Batie from Culver City, CA writes: this is random, but I came across your site when trying to find out what happened to the "Plowshares Nuns" a month or so ago. it seems like so much important, historical information is hard to find (and easily lost) in an era of infotainment that even google searches can be tiresome and unproductive. long story short, I, personally, use Wikipedia a lot for quick searches - a starting point for factual information. when looking for the Plowshares Nuns, I checked Wikipedia and found that only Sister Ardeth Platte is mentioned under the Michigan Women's Hall of Fame. while a link is available from that page, no other information is contained on the site. I just thought it would be great to have some sort of Wiki page for Sister Carol Gilbert, Sister Jackie Hudson, and Sister Ardeth Platte on Wikipedia. it would probably be a lot of work for someone, but it would be nice to have the mission and message readily available on a common, shared site like that.

Michael Bailey of San Leandro, CA writes: I agree fully with ALL the people on the site. Just believe that some 80-90% of americans are still too brain-washed (or just intellectually impaired) to understand.

Eric Nollet writes September 19, 2006: I know there is debate about wether or not the use of phosphorus bombs is regular or chemical murdering. I am only a freshman at my college but I am a biochemistry major. I am already searching archives of previous testing and research on the effects of phosphorus on the body (besides the obvious burning)and I am talking to some of my professors about how I would set something like this up. So far just from reading about the chemical I know that: It is loaded with White Phosporus, which will spontaniously combust with oxygen and cause a thermite reaction. The product of the initial reaction and burning of the white phosphorus + oxygen is usually a few chemicals that are pretty nasty. One is Phosphorus Pentoxide:.... this chemical reacts very easily with water (H20), which is around 70% of the bodies total mass if I remember correctly. So the phosphorus pentoxide turns the water in your body (blood, tissue, muscle, etc.) and chemicly changes it into something else. The chemical that results from the reaction of(Phosphorus pentoxide + Water) is Phoshoric Acid (and sometimes other types of more complex acids if it is hot enough). I am not sure as to how reactive phosphoric acid is on a numerical scale and I am going to find out in a lab. I do know that if it get's into your blood in high enough quantities it will wreck certain organs and destroy enzymes and other protiens because these protien/enzymes need a certain pH and tempurature to maintane their shape and do their job correctly. The addition of any acid let alone Phosphoric will drop the pH and will effect the body's functions on a molecular level/chemicaly. So from what I gather...It will be burning from exposure to oxygen, hit your skin and stick to it while it is burning, then it will convert the water in your body into acid which if enough gets into your bloodstream can kill a person like poison. Some of these compounds are deliberately used as rat poison. I was actually fertilizing my lawn and I got a little bit of powder that I could barely see on me of the phosphorus pentoxide, and it started eating my skin in seconds. I read an article that showed that there is no record of anyone dying of smoke inhalation, but, it is possible to get the actaul phosphorus vapors into your lungs which can do damage. So ya, it's similar to pouring lawn fertilizer and acid on peopl, and it can cause non traumatic deaths from the chemicals in the blood. Again. I will continue my research (both on paper and in the lab if nescessary), and maybe all this is known to you guys. I am pretty sure this falls under chemical weapons catigory. I am in tears every other night at the image of an Iraqi father holding his charred child, or the skeleton I saw of a kid who was chemically consumed by phosphorus.

michael lorenz from autralia writes: 2000 years and still going strong. the miracle continues. i read the story in counterpunch, my very best wishes to the holy fools. i pray they thank you and let you go. may your efforts bear fruit and these weapons be banished

Jim Allyn writes in September 06: I want to thank all of those who have the courage to do God's work regardless of the consequences to themselves. May God bless you all, and I know he will. Approval

Neil Himber from PA writes in September: I just discovered your site. Great. It's imporatnt to link up and stay in touch. My wife Margie and I are members of Pax Christi and Oblates of Mt. St. Benedict Monastery in Erie PA. I was a member of Fr. Richard Rohr's New Jerusalem Community in Cincinnati for many years. Peace and justice. Participated in a number of demonstrations with Marice McCrackin in Cincinnati. When next in Baltimore would love to meet with you all.

Michael Wehle from San Francisco, CA writes: Nice layout of photos from the Weapon of Mass Destruction Here Plowshares! I put some old Atlantic Life Community photos you might like to see at: and a few pictures of a Minuteman silo in Missouri at:

Kevin Wyer from Maine writes: Friends: How wonderful to find your site....well done, well done. Looking at the photo of Phil attached to William Hughes' article brought tears of memory to me. Phil's spirit lives on and thrives here in Maine. Blessings on you and your good works.

Sister Rosemarie (P O Box 89 Mountain Center, Calif 92561 ) writes: I was sent the dvd about the Sisters, Conviction. Unfortunately, I seem to be placed in their same "bag" even though I am not an activist. I do support them in their convictions. My own call is more as an environmentalist where I was living in the forest bordering Fort Hunter Liggett and where San Antonio Mission is located. I thought my relationship with the base was a good one until I was banned, and then arrested and jailed for four days and banned from the Los Padres National Forest for three years. Thus I lost my hermitage site, and now I am being evicted again and the trial date is September 13. I am not happy with this disruption of my hermit life, and begin to despair now of living it anywhere permanently because of these continued evictions and court cases. So please keep me in your prayer as I become hermitageless again and if you know anyone who has a roof for a homeless hermitess, I would be grateful. Blessings on your peace work.

A reader writes:   You say, “So, to follow Jesus, to try to imitate him, means that we love our enemies (regardless of what they do to us).” So, what you people are saying is that if a terrorist group decides to attack the US again we should hug them.

Hug them? No! Treat them humanly? Yes! Treat them the way that we would want to be treated by them? Yes! I think that we need to look at the reason why someone would attack us. For example, we in this country constitute less than 6% of the world's people and yet we consume approaching 60% of the earth's resources. Think about it. Isn't there something radically wrong with that kind of inbalance? And we are able to do that because of the weapons we have and threaten to use against them. We need to ask, “Are we treating them unjustly?”

Imagine if you will your spouse, child, brother, sister, mother, or father were to die due to an attack such as that of 11 Sept 01.

It's true that I didn't lose any family members on 9/11, but there are many who did who have said that their grief is not a reason for more people to be killed.  It comes down to this:  I think that all human life is sacred, and that all human life is to be cherished.  Iraqi and Afghan children's lives are just as sacred as my children.  I don't want any child or adult anywhere to suffer. And I believe that policies that keep people poor and dependent are radically unjust. And we won't have any sort of peace as long as we treat other people unjustly. As I read the news, as I examine our nation's conduct in our world, as I reflect on the way transnational corporations exploit the resources of poor countries (yet countries rich in resources) I see this as radical injustice.

  Have you read Killing Hope by William Blum?  He carefully documents how the US has put dictators into power in other countries who will sell their countries out to the US, and he writes about the dirty tricks the CIA has done to keep people in other countries oppressed, to destroy labor unions, to destroy efforts at real democracy .

Do you feel that we should not stop those who want to harm us?  In this world that we live in we need such weapons..look at society today.  N. Korea and Iran...those nations will use those weapons without regard!

But the U.S. first developed nuclear weapons. The U.S. is the only country in the world to have used nuclear weapons against a civilian population. And we did it twice. And we continue to do it by using depleted uranium in all our wars since 1990. Other nations see this. They fear us. They want what we have. And to have it, they conclude that they need nuclear weapons. They may never have the stockpile that we have (over 10,000 strategic weapons of mass destruction; some 5,300 on line). Our nation is the leader in this. It sets the tone; it sets the parameters. It's willingness to begin a process of disarmament will free other nations from the perceived need to compete on that front.

Do we want to live with others in the rest of the world in peace?  I do.

I don't think we get to peace by violence; I know we don't get it by being armed to the teeth against other people.  I know it can't come from being the biggest bully on the block.  I think we get to peace by being peaceful, by practicing nonviolence. This idea was taught by Jesus, by Gandhi, by Dr. Martin L. King, by Nelson Mandela…and I think nonviolence will work if it's tried.

 The example that you set to the general public is that of a simple terrorist.  I am willing to bet that on Sept 11, 01 when over 3,000 people died you wanted justice for the innocent lives that were lost! Last year a read  story about a war protestor who decided to go to Iraq to Protest the war.  Guess what happened-she was killed because she was an American. Insurgents/terrorist care not whether you support or do not support the war.  They want you dead....and all American's dead.  Realize this....what your support or did at Echo-09 DID NOTHING!

The action of the three men at Echo – 09 was an attempt to begin to disarm our weapons of mass destruction one by one. Above all, I believe, their action was a call to each and every one of us to embrace the spirit of disarmament. Disarmament cannot happen unless and until there is a different spirit abroad in our country and our world. These three men are calling to our souls; they are calling us to disarm our hearts, our spirits, so that – ultimately – actual, physical disarmament of weapons can occur.

Of course, I know that they didn't touch the missile, that the action is symbolic. But, the threat or use of this weapon is against international law, and against the tenets of my faith.

 The only real thing that happened was "3" of your supporters were taken into custody and could possibly spend the rest of their lives behind bars.  Whether you do it or not....WE WILL KEEP OUR WEAPONS....TO PROTECT AMERICA....AND EVEN YOU THE LOWLY PROTESTOR!  Think about your actions!

Hey, friend, what are we protecting? “To protect America!” To protect what? The America I was taught to love is long gone. Every day the freedoms we took for granted are more and more effaced in the name of “National Security!” In 10 years the price we pay for water has multiplied 7 time; the price we pay for electric service has multiplied 72%; the price we pay for gas has skyrocketed; the ability to walk into an airport, a train station, a court house, to fly in a plane or ride in a train has been circumscribed. The freedom to stand outside an institution of mass murder and say “No!” even with a sign has been compromised. I was arrested last week for simply holding a sign at the National Security Agency. None of this makes me safe. I would feel safer if we would make friends with other countries, if we would keep our agreements with other countries, if we would practice love and compassion with other people. These weapons don't make me feel safer; they haunt both my waking and my sleeping.


Fr. Kevin McLaughlin OMI from Dublin, Ireland writes July 15: Writing to salute your mission and website. Good stuff. To be anti war is not the same as to be anti America. Ploughshares Pitstop trial continues here in Dublin. I have the pleasure of accommodating Ciaron O'Reilly + Damien Moran together with assorted supporters including Carmen Trotta & Teresa Grady from Catholic Worker USA. Good people. God bless Fr. Kevin

J.J. Hayes writes from New York: Here is a link to an article published in Kuwait Times. I thought it might be of interest to you. Yours, J.J. Hayes

RJ Sak from Phoenix, AZ writes a poem on July 3, 2006:
Justice With Ourselves, Peace In Our Homes :
A poem inspired by and dedicated to the Weapons of Mass Destruction Here Plowshares June 20, 2006, E-9 Minuteman III Missile Silo North Dakota, USA

Before questions about our social structures
Before questions about our political decisions
Before questions about our economic systems
Our hearts pray that we ourselves might be disarmed:
To be free from temptation to cheat ourselves the divine feast.
Deliver us from our own weaknesses: give us symbolic acts for transformation.
Show us a simple faith for life: so that we may taste pure love with clean hearts.
Because we want justice with ourselves,
Because we want peace in our homes,
Our love is hungry with desire to feed the mystical family for the greater glory of our human community!

Doug Highfield writes from Cherokee, Alabama on July 3, 2006 : i really love this site! i have been a resistor since i can remember. sometimes, i feel lonely. my family and friends don't get it. so, it feels good to see and read about some of my extended family, like the people at jonah house. i resisted the viet-nam war and the berrigans were sources of strength. now, we hold meetings and go to rallies, like soa watch, etc. we leaflet, and do counter-recruiting. i mean my girl-friend, carole, and me. so, thank you all so much. and happy birhtday, father dan!

Sr. Ardeth Platte, OP writes on June 24, 2006: Thanks be to God for the courage, fidelity and love of the world's people and planet that Greg, Mike and Carl have shown. In these most urgent times of mass killingand threats to kill upon other nations, we need nonviolent disarmament actions to remain faithful to God and international laws. With gratitude, Ardeth Platte, OP

Scott Mathern-Jacobson writes on June 24, 2006: Thanks for the great site. It is a wonderful resource. Thanks especially for the news on the Weapons of Mass Destruction Here Plowshares. I give thanks for another plowshares action in the nuclear heartland. I give thanks for three white men that are willing to take responsibility for (largely) white men's crimes. At the least this action is legal, at the most, well who knows what kind of good it will produce in this world. Blessings and love, Scott

Milo H. writes on June 23: You claim you did this for the poor. then you say "The action effectively took the nuclear weapon off-line. It cannot be used until it is repaired." Don't you realize it takes money to repair the damage you did? How does that help the poor?
and an anonymous person writes on June 23
: "The action effectively took the nuclear weapon off-line. It cannot be used until it is repaired." Do you actually think that your little hammer banging and spray painting did anything to make that missile inoperable? The only thing you accomplished is making fools out of yourselves and every anti-nuclear protestor out there. You never came any closer than 20 feet from the actual missile. I happen to know for a fact, it IS still on alert. The objective of the US's nuclear missiles is a deterent to those other countries with similiar weapons. We would never launch them unless absolutely necessary.

response: We think of the prophet Isaiah who said, "They shall beat their swords into plowshares..." It's time to stop using our resources for warmaking, and start using our money, life energy, and resources to help others, to rebuild our infrastructure, for jobs, homes, schools, medical care.
These nuclear weapons cause indiscriminate deaths and sufferings for generations to come. They are illegal according to moral, Christian, and international law. (treaties that the US has agreed to). We here in the US are spending 32,000 dollars each second on warmaking!!!!! And so we spend all this money on trying to figure out how to kill people. There are many of us who think that cooperation and compassion are more successful ways of relating to others than violence.

Milo H.writes back: First I am not trying to badger or belittle. However I ask my question again. How will this help the poor. "32,000 dollars each second on warmaking!!!!!" true. But now add the several thosand dollars woth of damage that you did to the bill. Your actions just increased spending. I am a Christian and aware of the swords into plowshares quote. War is a fact of life on this planet. How much of the Bible consists of war? Was Solomon or David wrong to protect their kingdoms? Should an Israelite that was living in David's kingdom ventured out and smash one of the cities protective walls down? Who does that help? Not the poor. Not our country. Our nukes hold other nations that would do us harm at bay. Do you think Communist Russia or China will respect our Christain beliefs. Do you think any off the Radical Mid Eastern countries will respect our Christian beliefs? I just do not understand.
Response: My understanding of the teachings of Jesus are that we should love one another, and even extend that to loving our enemies. So, even though there is a lot of warmaking in the Hebrew scriptures, it seems to me that Jesus is teaching us something new. A different way to deal with problems that finding violent solutions. So, to follow Jesus, to try to imitate him, means that we love our enemies (regardless of what they do to us). To love someone means that we treat them justly, that we don't steal from them, and that we respect their dignity.
I think that if we, as a nation, started to help solve the problems of the poor here in this country, and the poor in other countries, we'd find we would have less enemies and more friends.

Peter Murnane, OP from Auckland Pax Christi, New Zealand writes on June 22, 2006 please pass on our congratulations to the three who visited the minuteman silo... such prophetic statements help the world to wake up.

Jesse Hingson from Milledgeville, GA writes June 21, 2006 I recently read about your organization's protest at a missile silo in North Dakota, and I was very moved. In the spirit of Henry David Thoreau, Gandhi, and Martin Luther King, Jr., you are truly inspirational, and I will pray for you. Please continue the struggle for peace and justice!

Darren Parker writes on June 21, 2006 : I should love to hear about a Plowshares action (and read the press release) where people snuck into a Catholic Church and stole the gold for sale to the poor, broke an altar to protest against patriarchal practices, or destroyed some white angels or at least painted them other colors. Let me know when they are scheduled.
I should love to come down to Jonah House and give a workshop about the "whte mans burden" and how paternalism continues to be a primary tool which those in power use to manufacture consent and how the white left continues to be crippled by its "white" ness making true cooperation between wings of the movement and creating a useful struggle within the empire more difficult.
After I attended a Faith and Resistance retreat a few years ago and was amazed by the supremacy and traditional paternalism of many of the Catholic Workers there I have avoided such gatherings as largely wishing to pluck the beam out of the eye of the Govt but not examine its own quite amazing superiority. It was, in fact, one of the reasons I began my business.

J. Kurtz writes: (May 25, 2005) Nuclear weapons and nuclear power have not killed even a tiny, tiny, tiny fraction of the number of people the Jesuits have, in God's name, not to mention your "christianity" as a whole. Quite the opposite, they have saved millions. God is the truth which you will not accept. Would Jesus have acted as you have? Is it right for anyone, any true follower of Jesus' word, to act as a criminal in his name? No - Save your Blood for Sundays.

Frank Hudson from Michigan writes (May 24, 2005) What a joy to see Carol's picture after so long a time. My sister, Jackie, called today to tell us of the meeting with your probation officer, Carol. To all at Jonah House, continue to confound our government and particular our penal system with your honesty, integrity and commitment to Peace. They seem to have great difficulty understanding such attributes in people. Peace, Frank

Miriam Spencer, CSJP from Washington writes (May 24, 2005): It is wonderful that you are home, Carol, and I will pray that you will be allowed to stay. I spent 6 months in Pekin, IL prison for crossing the line at the School of the Americas, and I can relate much to your comments about the support of other women in prison, most of whom should have beenat home with their children. I found the time spent there was an educational experience, and have been working to change the laws about mandatory minimun sentancing. Thank you so much for your witness to the folly of having nuclear weapons which surely we will not use? Blessings of peace to all at Jonah House!

J K "Joker" McCall writes: (May 24, 2005) This may seem sarcastic, but it is not. I just wanted to thank you for being here. As someone who has bled and shed blood for your right to hide, I am glad to have my sacrifice and those of so many others proven to be worthwhile. In a world without people like me to defend you, people like you would be slaves or just plain dead, so I take a website such as this one as thanks. That you are here proves that my fellows and I have done a good job. Please keep at it -- you may despise me and I may feel contempt for you, but the fact is that the ability to express yourselves, without fear of imprisonment or death, is really what we fight for.

Fr.George Papathanasiou from GREECE writes (March 5, 2005)
Dear Brothers in Christ love I send to you my true Christian love and I desire to support your work.The grace and the love of Jesus Christ with you. In Christ love, Fr.George

Nelson Anton (March 3, 2005) writes: I hope Ms. Jackie Hudson DOES have to go back to prison. She is no more exempt from the laws and rules of this country than anyone else who defaces property that does not belong to them. If she is ashamed of her citizenship here, my suggestion is that she take it elsewhere, and the government list her on the terrorism watch list and not be allowed to reenter this country.
As to her remark about the prison system being legitimate slave labor, PLEASE! It houses criminals and such as herself who believe themselves above the law- is it supposed to be a vacation?? I don't think inmates should be paid at all. They should be cleaning up our roadways, public areas, disaster sites, and the like. Why should we have to pay them anything?? Their work should be restitution for their crimes, IN ADDITION to the financial payments the courts impose on them.
I say all this in addition to having had the experience of a family member in prison in the past. He committed the crime, and he paid the price.
Give up your illusions of a free ride and thinking you can do anything you like in our society. Freedoms are more restricted than ever as a result of 9/11, or didn't you know this? Or perhaps you believe as the professor in Colorado who seems to think the victims of that day had some semblance to the Nazis of WWII, and got what they deserved. Too bad he wasn't one of them there that day.

O.V. Thames writes: Why do you not go to Africa, North Korea ,Syria ,Iran ??  They will not hear you, but they will sure hurt hell out of you!!

Arthur Ross writes: if jackie marie hudson thinks we are a morally bereft country, then i will buy her a bus ticket to the country of her choice.

Phil Mueller from Indiana writes:Liz I'm already on your mailing list, but I just read your piece on your web site. It was most moving, that part about Phil's aching over the wars that the US has waged against hapless enemies, deaths not only of the victims in Nam, Korea, Europe amd elsewhere but also the hapless GI's who gave their lives in a bogus cause cooked up by the "military-industrial complex."
Although a devout atheist, I believe in what you folks do, both in your local community, as well as nationally and globally. What you do affects the World. Peace,Phil

John Suskey from  Bel Air, MD writes
I like the seems to be very up to date and well done.

Mary E. Delabruere writes: Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ, I visited your Internet site for the 1st time today. It serves to remind me of my need as a Catholic to commit at a deeper level to nonviolence and the cause of peace. Thank you for your witness. I feel so ignorant about these issues, and so politically naive. Thank you for the resources which you offer. In Christ, Mary E. Delabruere

In November, 2004, Sarah Bjorknas from Vancouver BC, Canada wrote: Bravo for your exhortation to members of the military to refuse service! You may not be aware, but here in Canada we have opened our doors to those in the US military who don't wish to serve, don't feel they deserve a dishonourable discharge, nor deserve to go to jail for being in an economic class that enticed them into to the military in exchange for an education.
Of course going AWOL and crossing the border is a huge life altering act and should not be entered into lightly. But if all other options don't fit, we are here for you.
The national website is That gives contact info for the east coast (Toronto specifically). For the west coast, it's the Vancouver Catholic Worker -

On November 9, 2004, Art Milholland, M.D.from Silver Spring, MD wrote: If this web site only made the writings of Phil Berrigan accessible, and did not also open up the newsletter "Year One," Plowshares, biblical resistance to war and injustice, the Environment (including the flora and fauna of St. Peter's Cemetery) and so much more, it would still be precious and invaluable.

On Thursday, October 21, 2004, Brian Barrett wrote: It is certainly a fine website. I can't think of any improvement at this time.

On Wednesday, October 20, 2004, Mary Krane Derr wrote from Chicago :Thank you so much for fighting the good fight. It is such an encouragement in these dark times of Vietnam War deja vu. I live in one of Chicago's poorest wards, and it breaks my heart to know of dear young people joining the military because they feel they have no other option to pay for an education and feed their children. When already they are being killed at home by racism, classism/poverty,environmental pollution, inadequate health care and education, despair, abortion, gang violence. Even if the draft isn't in effect now, it's looming on the horizon, and kids are compelled to sign those Selective Service forms in order to be eligible for financial aid for school. Why are they not free to CHOOSE LIFE?! What can be done?

Monday, October 04, 2004, Thomas from Germany wrote:
Well, I appreciate Your work very much, indeed, and I really think You come from the future, but form Your site, it is not easy to learn much about Your society, it's mostly Dan and Phil, but are there pictures of the nuns for instance, maybe, there are, but they are not prominent. But why, maybe it´s better so - anyhow. May God bless You (and may GWB does not win the second term), so You might prosper and bring some hope to this damned world.

On Tuesday, September 28, 2004, one visitor wrote: what beautiful watercolors. put more watercolors on the site!!!! they are amazing.

Crow Hardy from Ithaca writes in September 2004: The example of Pope John Paul II and Catholics living their faith in this 'Culture of Death', have brought me from an agnostic social activist to the RCIA. Bless you all.                                                            

Willa from Viva House Catholic Worker, Baltimore, MD writes: Nice web site Susan! Today is a free day at Juno and I can surf without ads. Your paintings, photos, articles, news and info are so good. I can see why it is so much work to do this though I've never done internet work. I love the reflections with Liz's paintings. Beautiful! Now I know where I can research all the history and plans for non-violent resistance associated with Jonah House. Yours in the struggle, Willa                                            September 2004

Ted Gordon writes: It's a joy (and a terror) to read the words -- courageous, focused and lean -- that resisters utter before the dour magistrates of the empire. Just before they hand down a sentence, no less. It's reminiscent of Stephen before the High Priest. I comb through your website and read the sentencing statements with fascination and wonder, where does that permission come from?

William F. Watts writes
: I really enjoy the site. I would enjoy a bit more writing of the community on it. Having said that, I really DO LIKE it and would not mind in the least if it never changed.