About Us

Ausar-Mesh Amen is a third-generation natural healer who grew up in Baltimore. His father, a southern sharecropper, herbalist, blacksmith, and engineer passed down valuable information on the healing properties of plants to Ausar. In turn, he has shared his knowledge and wisdom through lectures, workshops and community organizing in the Sandtown-Winchester neighborhood of Baltimore City. Ausar is a former recipient of an OSI Fellowship and is currently the Farm Manager for the Tubman House Farms. 

Joseph Bryne, 52, grew up one of six kids in the suburbs of Chicago, IL. He has lived on the east coast since 1987, when he came east to join the Dorthy Day Catholic Worker in Washington, DC. A decades-long odyssey through academic and spiritual pursuits as well as service and justice commitments brought him to the Jonah House community in 2015, where he flourishes as a land steward, musician including a peacemaker.

Paul Magno joined Jonah House in 2018 after living in Washington, DC for the past 37 years. As a grassroots peace and justice activist, he spent his adult life in an array of commitments rooted in the Catholic Worker movement outlook. Paul cherishes Jonah Houses’ history of nonviolent resistance to war and related injustices forward. He looks forward to contributing to its future endeavors. 

Rainbow Williams, 40, was born and raised in Baltimore and over the past twenty years, he has aspired to contribute a sense of community development in and around the city. In the fulfillment of his passion Rainbow is a local mentor/youth counselor who assists with farming projects, as well as community engagement in the Baltimore Sandtown/Winchester community. 

Rainbow is committed to change in America’s urban communities by establishing a collective to help assist and support our youth and disenfranchised families fourish as a healthy community. This collective will focus on critical issues such as improving healthy food access and decreasing the murder rate in Baltimore City.

Bio forthcoming… Jemila Sequeira